Carver & Associates

In a business environment where resources are increasingly scarce, the one creature not on the endangered species list seems to be consultants and trainers, we believe our approach sets us apart.  

There are any number of companies willing to supply clients with solutions that are, reportedly, tied and true.   With all due respect, we believe that what may have worked even a few years ago, may not be relevant or effective today.

The pace of business is increasing.  The demographics and dynamics of the workplace are changing dramatically, due in part to the presence of four generations in the workplace, with different styles and values.  The challenges are new as well.  Decisions and polices made with the best of intentions may ignite the passions of your people, or they may cause your best efforts to combust from friction and flawed strategies.

Carver & Associates does not offer one-size-fits all trainings or programs to clients.  Our workshops and classes are customized based on the client needs and goals.  At the same time,  our pricing is significantly more reasonable than our competitors.

Our recent projects include major programs around diversity, generational differences, working with change, customer service, leadership, trust communications - written and oral, project management, and, yes, corporate hygiene.

It is our priority to build a collaborative partnership where, together, we create new possibilities.  What we at C & A have found to be true is that listening is our greatest strength. No one understands your business better than you, and we want to hear what you have to say. Lead with listening, follow with superior design and facilitation, and do it all at a fair price.



We are excited to announce an affiliation with Star Thrower Distribution.


Star Thrower Distribution, in name and philosophy, reminds people that they can make a difference in the world. They are passionate about creating engaging training programs with superior production quality and useful support materials.


Their videos can add inspiration to any gathering. To view what they have to offer click here.