Carver & Associates

Tyler Miller represents the rising tide of younger consultants who are stepping forward to inspire and inform workers of all ages.   He brings tremendous energy and imagination to bear on any opportunity.  His enthusiasm and passion rise from  his personal mission to transform individuals and organizations.

This commitment to change allows him to communicate with, and inspire  younger generations in the workplace, who respond best to something beyond a static training experience.

Mr. Miller offers a fresh look and approach from the Millennial group, who are the fastest growing demographic in the workforce.   He knows that each generation has positive insights and outstanding skills, and that effective teams, which deliver outstanding results, can best be achieved when the diverse elements of any team are welcomed.

His strengths are in technology, communications and diversity.  He has been a part of several award winning studies on how communications informs and change our world.

Despite still studying to complete his Communications Study Major, Mr. Miller is serving as co-facilitator on an eighteen month  Diversity & Inclusion initiative with Cox Media Group that will run through 2015.