Carver & Associates

Mel Auston has served as designer, facilitator, trainer and Executive Coach for over 25 years.  He provides customized program design, coaching, and facilitation to corporate leaders, entrepreneurs and their companies in the essential skills of:

  1. facilitating extraordinary results by aligning individuals, teams, workgroups and departments around a vision or business result;
  1. teaching principles and practices of effective communication that allow people to design, rather than react to, business-related conversations that lead to mutually satisfying results;
  2. transforming corporate cultures to optimize productivity and success; and
  3. developing high-performance organizations run by highly fulfilled, motivated people.

His coaching incorporates principles, knowledge, skills and practices in ways that produce fast, measurable and lasting results. He uses a multi-disciplinary approach and has a facility for building relationships with his clients where trust, open and honest communication and a shared commitment to success are present.  In that environment, breakthrough results show up as a function of enhanced collaboration, creativity and learning.

His approach is simple but not easy; it focuses on clients learning new distinctions; new ways of seeing the same situations, circumstances and phenomena (actions, attitudes and behaviors). These new observations empower them to generate new possibilities and new actions, the source of breakthroughs in learning, processes and systems; in personal and organizational results.

Mel is a graduate of Brooklyn College in New York with a BA in communications, speech and theater.  He also has completed a 3-year Masters Equivalency program in Ontological Design, the philosophical and phenomenological inquiry into what it "is" to be a human being, under Dr. Fernando Flores.