Carver & Associates

Dr. Joy is a dynamic speaker and presenter whose high energy programs inspire, motivate and bring about positive change in individuals and organizations.  (more)

Lori Addicks has over twenty years of experience in the talent management arena.   (more)

Trish Thorne’s energy and experience helps her offer a fresh look at the people and management challenges that keep leaders awake at night.     (more)

Rex Hauck has over twenty-five years of business leadership experience across a range of industries including aviation, government, technology, and media..  (more)

Linda King has over 20 years in the training and development field; having worked for such prestigious companies as FedEx, Home Depot and most recently AGL Resources. (more)

Tyler Miller represents the rising tide of younger consultants who are stepping forward to inspire and inform workers of all ages.       (more)


Mel Auston is a catalyst in transforming organizational cultures by aligning individuals, teams, wand departments around a shared vision or business objective.  (more)

Carver & Associates represents a new approach to staffing that allows us to bring the most effective and knowledgeable consultant to any client.  We maintain a roster of over thirty experienced experts across many fields and are very strategic when assigning projects.

Our goal is to provide truly customized training that is led by the person who has been integral in its design, and whose background, skills, and passion bring a level of insight and authenticity to every client we partner with.


Jessica Miller believes that individuals learn and communicate in unique ways and require customized forms of education and training. (more)