Everything DiSC® 363 for Leaders

Elevate leadership effectiveness with our dynamic 360-degree feedback application

Everything DiSC 363® for Leaders combines the best of 360-degree feedback with the simplicity and power of DiSC®, plus three strategies to put into action immediately.

This application uses clear visuals and a conversational narrative style to interpret and explain its data, making the report easy to understand and use. Whether an emerging high potential or an experienced executive, participants incorporate critical feedback from direct reports, peers, and bosses into a development plan that is both productive and satisfying, ultimately elevating leadership effectiveness.

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile focuses on:

  • Strategies to improve their leadership effectiveness
  • Clear visuals and conversational narrative style to interpret data effectively
  • Focused, balanced, and constructive feedback that allows for growth and learning

The Profile:

The Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Profile is a 22-page report that helps participants deepen their understanding of their own leadership style based on their DiSC® style. Participants learn the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership while examining how colleagues perceive their performance against these approaches. Participants discover their greatest strengths as a leader and receive in-depth information and concrete strategies for improving three challenge areas determined by their raters.

    Leaders & Raters

    Leaders take a two-part, self-rating online assessment that combines the Everything DiSC® and Leadership Behaviors assessments to measure their general behavioral style and traits and their leadership preferences and tendencies.

    Raters are given a two-part, research-validated online assessment that combines the Leadership Behaviors assessment (also taken by the leader) with an additional Leadership Request survey that asks raters to identify which leadership practices they would like to see the leader engage in more frequently. Leaders can have an unlimited number or raters.


    Raters save time and reduce stress with CommentSmart, our exclusive selectable comments feature that allows raters to choose from highlytested, behavior-focused comments to give more richness, context, and depth to their feedback.

    The Participant Take-Aways
    • Recognize the tendencies that shape their approach to leadership, based on their DiSC® style
    • Understand how others see them as a leader and how their own self-ratings compare
    • Identify which of the Eight Approaches to Effective Leadership—and the three behavioral Practices underlying each approach—are their strengths and which ones would benefit from further development
    • Learn three personalized strategies for becoming a more effective leader based on specific rater feedback
    The Getting Started Guide

    From set-up to wrap-up, the Getting Started Guide delivers a comprehensive toolkit of resources to walk you through the five crucial phases of the Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders implementation process, including: 

    • Program set up: clarify the purpose, scope, and timeline of activities; conduct meetings with the project team, executive sponsor, EPIC administrator, and coach.
    • Communication: email and memo templates to announce the program to the organization, notify leaders of their selection to participate, and launch the process with participants and raters
    • Assessment: all the details your EPIC administrator will need for successful assessment administration, from assigning access codes to generating final reports.
    • Coaching: tools and techniques to help coaches prepare for delivering feedback, meeting with leaders to review results, providing guidance to identify development areas and create action plans, and scheduling follow-up meeting to measure progress and promote accountability.
    • Wrap-up: tips for meeting with your project team to review results and plan next steps.

    Everything DiSC 363 for Leaders Research Report

    Understand the research behind 363 for Leaders.


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