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A key point of differentiation of Carver & Associates is our ability to selectively deliver the right consulting, facilitating and coaching to your organization at the right time.

To ensure maximum impact and relevance, we work with you to create a specific curriculum for your associates. Understanding your emerging organizational context enables us to create a program targeted to create value and bottom line results.

Leadership Essentials

Relationships & Emotional Intelligence

Strategic Thinking

Leading Teams & Managing People

Diversity & Inclusion

Operational Effectiveness


Business Transformation & Innovation


MaineHealth is Northern New Englands largest healthcare system with over 22,000 employees. This past year we committed to enhance our culture by more deeply imbedding DEI within our systems values. We have engaged Dr. Joy to assist with the education/awareness building of more than 160 volunteer Trustees, our top leadership team, and eventually our entire care team. Dr. Joy has demonstrated great skill in both group and individual interactions with these leadersDr. Joy approaches her DEI consulting work with a deep knowledge and experience base. She listens and makes people feel comfortable in an area that is uncomfortable for many of us as we wrestle with personal bias and the need for change. And, she brings an incredible sense of humor and humility to her work.” – William L. Caron, Jr., Chief Executive Officer, MaineHealth

“Cox Media Group has had a great experience with Carver & Associates and would recommend to any organization without reservation; they have been a valuable partner to our company. I had the pleasure of working directly with Dr. Joy and her team to design our first diversity training initiative which was developed based on feedback from Human Resources and business leaders. Her background and expertise in diversity allowed us to successfully launch the training across our entire organization of over 7500 employees.” – Mary H. Robert, Group Vice President Human Resources, Cox Media Group

“Because of the impact of the instruction indicated by members of the Showboat organization, we highly recommend Carver & Associates to others seeking  professional consultants to conduct management and other human resource training.” – Lou Paludi – Vice President of Organization Design & Human Services, Showboat

“We are extremely fortunate to have found Dr. Joy, Carver & Associates, to provide leadership consulting and coaching for our executive team. Most notable is Dr. Joy’s ability to repeatedly exceed our expectations. Her ability to provide teams with the necessary assessments, goal identification, and coaching to become more effective as both individual and team contributors is commendable. Any leadership project Carver & Associates is engaged in will undoubtedly be a huge success!” – Kim Anderson, Director, Center for Perpetual Training & Protocol, Alabama State University

“Carver & Associates workshops on Executive Coaching, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Diversity and Performance Measures have embedded themselves into the core of every planning session my executive team and I embark. The quality and long-lasting impact of their training continues within the infrastructure of this department.” – James G. Cagle Jr., Director, Delaware Department of Labor

“Carver & Associates consulting team have played a pivotal role, in moving our organization closer to achieving its people vision. Their proven integrity, deep subject matter expertise and genuine care have helped them establish unprecedented credibility among our employee population, enabling them to provide formal and informal coaching to employees and executives. C&A have delivered big consulting firm thinking, with custom solutions and flexibility.” – Chuck Rose, Vice President, Talent Management, Atlanta Housing Authority

“Combining both extensive business experience with extraordinary abilities as a motivator and communicator, Dr. Joy has proven to be an invaluable asset in developing strategic plans, defining messages and designing effective communications systems that build consensus and achieve maximum “buy-in” from very diverse constituencies….I  have seen Dr. Joy achieve consensus and real paradigm shifts among people who started out as adversaries and/or who felt trapped by insurmountable obstacles.” – Linda M. Fuselier, President, The Capital Group, Inc.

“Thank you for the outstanding job you did planning and carrying out the team building sessions for the management team…The result of that work is a mission statement that for the first time incorporates the interrelationship between environmental quality and economic vitality…I am certain that we will draw on the strength of the team and the professional relationships that we have been able to build, much in part to the solid teamwork accomplished in our sessions.” – Robert C. Shinn, Jr. Commissioner, New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection


Over the past 29 years, we have worked with private and public organizations ranging from Rolls Royce to the public school system, from casinos in Las Vegas to every branch of the US Military, and from Fortune 100 companies to small, family owned and run enterprises.

We have worked across this country and around the planet. Our only requirement of a client is that they understand the initiative they undertake and exhibit a strong commitment to change.

We deliver transformation, not just training.

And many more.



Carver  & Associates is based in Atlanta, Georgia, with offices in Florida, New Jersey, Montana, and Colorado.





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